by David Morris

The cartoon posted on this site has been seen by millions of people from all 50 U.S. states and 137 different countries. I am less interested in the international response (they already know) than in the Americans who swallow whole the pro-Israel bias of the U.S. media.

This website has focused on the New York Times and its coverage of the Middle East to illustrate the control AIPAC and the Israel Lobby hold on news and information provided to the American people. The Comments from readers add depth to the message and are essential reading. Two selections appear below:

Your criticism of the media is quixotic. “The dogs bark but the caravan keeps moving on its way.” –ancient Middle Eastern proverb*

Perhaps it’s quixotic, but “A single stone that holds fast can change the path of an avalanche.” (Milosz, referring to an individual’s resistance to totalitarianism in Poland)*

The NY Times, arguably our finest newspaper, prides itself on accurate, balanced, in-depth reporting. However, regarding coverage of the Middle East, the Paper betrays its standards. The incidents reported above demonstrate how its publisher/owner and leading columnists can be co-opted. The “Gray Lady” indeed.

If the professional integrity of the NY Times can be compromised by pro-Israel groups, then all our institutional media is susceptible to manipulation.

The American people must have accurate and trustworthy news. A democracy demands a well-informed citizenry.

The message of this cartoon remains important. Perhaps six years from now the U.S. media coverage of the Middle East will necessitate another rebirth of this cartoon. And then again six years after that.

I hope not.